Fishing Jigs Selecting

Fishing Jigs Picture

Fishing Jigs Size selecting
When selecting fishing jig size, keep in mind the two factors, first is the smaller baits are generally best whenever they can be used, and the capacity of feeling the action of a jig .These two factors guide your choice of fishing jig size. Use the lightest bait and line you can as smaller and slower baits and thinner line with low visibility will almost always catch more fish than big one. Unless the following salutations, do not do not switch to a heavier jig .Firstly you can tell what's going on with your bait underwater .Or it's a windy day you go for fishing or there's a strong current. And if you are fishing in deep water, it takes too long for a light jig to sink, so you can choose a heavier jig.What is more, if the water is muddy, a compact 1/2 ounce more bait is more effective, because the smaller one is much more effective in clear water.

Fishing Jigs Color selecting
Generally, a dark colored jig with a big crawfish trailer does a great job imitating a crawfish, and a white color jig does a good job of imitating a baitfish. It is a reasonable to matching fishing jig color to the water conditions. In clear water, light colors such as white, chartreuse, green tend to work the best. Because transparent jig skirts and transparent crawfish-type trailers cast less of a silhouette and are less threatening to spooky bass. While in murky water, black, brown, purple and contrasting dark colors often produce best.