How to Make Fishing Jigs

How to Make Fishing Jigs Picture

The fishing jigs are made up of the two parts, the first part is the head part with a hook and a sinker molded into it.
The second part is the body which is made up of a variety of different items such as plastics or curly tails.
The traditional fishing jigs types use dyed or natural whitetail deer tail hair called a bucktail jig are widely used in the northern and ,midwestern United States, where many anglers still tie the fishing jigs by themselves. In jig tying the bucktail hair around the jig head,the following is the commonly ways of making fishing jigs.

The first step is to prepare the materials such as heavy silk, nylon, or linen thread. Of course, you can also use heavy button cord or sewing thread if you want. Assume that you adopt the heavy silk. The color should be agree with the head of fishing jigs, and generally, white is the best color.

Then, cut off about a 2-foot length of the wire, wrap a few turns of the wire around fishing jigs head where the bucktail will be onto, and cover this wrapping with clear quick-drying cement.

Then quickly take a pinch of heavy silk, lay it against the cement, and wrap a few turns of the wire around it. Then add cement, lay another pinch of heavy silk against it, and tie a few more turns of wire around the heavy silk.
And Keep doing this until you build up a thick body of heavy silk around the hook, concealing most of it except the point and the barb.

When you have the full amount of heavy silk on the fishing jigs head, finish the jig tying by wrapping the rest of the thread as tightly as possible over the jig. Then end it by tying a series of silk-hitches.

Finally, cover the wire wrapping with a heavy coat of clear quick-drying cement.