Types of Fishing Jigs

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According to the water feature the fishing jigs used in, fishing jigs can be divided into two types, crappie fishing jigs and salty water fishing jigs.

And fishing jigs also can be classified into five types due the different head shape of fishing jigs. They are the bullet fishing jigs, football fishing jigs, rocker fishing jigs, mega bite football fishing jig and weedless brush fishing jigs.

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weedless brush tungsten head fishing jigs picture rocker-tungsten-head-fishing jigs picture

Owing to the different body materials of fishing jigs, there are four types of fishing jigs, bucktail fishing jigs, nylon fishing jigs, Mylar fishing jigs and feathered fishing jigs, of which come in different size and shape. Bucktail jigs, just as the name implies, this kind of fishing jigs have the body made of bucktail .And bucktail jigs are the most popular used between anglers.

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